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The Black Inventors Bus

STEM Education & Careers explored through the eyes of Modern Black Inventors.


Brain / Computer Interface

The Black Inventors Timeline

AR/VR Game Development

We ARE the change that our nations education system really needs.

Black Inventors Bus Prototype.

Helping the leaders of tomorrow learn to succeed today


Today’s youth are more highly technically educated that any other generation before. The amount of computing power that it took to put a man on the moon in the late 1960’s, is now accessible in a hand held computer. The Hidden Figures of the Apollo Space Program have given way to The AstroPhysicists of Today and there is no turning back.

why is it that people know dozens of Black Entertainers and athletes but no Inventirs who have directly impacted their daily lives?

Join Us at the lasers edge of STEM Technology as we build the Prototype of the first Black Inventors Bus.

We Purchased a 37 Ft RV from the American Museum of Natural History’s Education Department. The Modern Black Inventors Fund is redesigning this vehicle to showcase more than 100 Modern Black Inventors in all kinds of fields. Click the button below and let us know who is your favorite and why!

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Dedicated Staff

Lionel Durant

Justin Shaifer

Tony Reid

Creativity First


Dream it,

Design it,

3D Print it

Laser Etch it.

Paint it

Experiential Learning

We take the knowledge from the Inventors themselves and pass it through to you. Our approach takes Inventors That look just like you. and lets you take on the role.

What Does an Inventor Look Like?